The Harry Potter Experience

At 12:01am, sales of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince went on sale. In anticipation of this, lots and lots of bookstores all over opened late, with balloons and witches and cookies and drinks and whatnot.

Which I know cos just after midnight, I was home. But soon after, I wasn’t:p

Witches at Barnes & Noble
If you look carefully, right next to the big flash is a witch! Loads of people at the local Barnes & Noble.

Other Change of Hobbit Receipt for Harry Potter
We walked a bit further to go to the Other Change of Hobbit. Well, you know all about how I feel about independent bookstores vs. large discount chains.

Here is the guy who sold me my book. He remembered me from when I bought an account, and pre-ordered Harry Potter. So even though I had id ready, we didn’t need it. He found all of my information without me needing anything. Plus everyone was super friendly. No party with hats and capes and cookies, but I don’t care:p

Barnes & Noble, Still Lit
On our way back, Barnes & Noble still had plenty of people. And this doesn’t count all the people around who we saw walking around with bags or books:) Including me, grinning stupidly, but no pictures:p

Anyhows, I’ve finished it now, and my first impression is that this is the best one since Azkaban. Which is saying a lot since Azkaban is my fave. Now I don’t know, shall have to re-read:) Plus this one is a smaller volume than the previous two. I started feeling that books 4 and 5 (Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix) needed extra editing:p I don’t want to say too much more for fear I’ll say something, but anyhows it was great, should definitely read it asap:)

And to all the haters with their hateration:
Okay, so maybe the whole Harry Potter thing’s gotten faddish. And maybe in the end people won’t judge it to be “literature.” But goddamn it’s entertaining! I think at the very least it will remain popular as children’s fiction. Also, a bunch of small independent bookstores are counting on Harry Potter to do well. Also, anything that brings a bunch of kids and adults out Friday night to a bookstore is a good thing in my book(:p). So SUCK IT:p


  1. bringing kids out on a friday nite to get a book?! o_O… past their bedtimes! =P hehehe oy vay.

  2. Wait- did you read the entire book last night?? Er- I mean, this morning??

  3. hey wait, midnight is NOTHING in our family:p Everyone’s a night owl, you know it, so don’t pretend:p Bedtime:p hahahaha! what’s that?!

    Yeah, I couldn’t help myself, I finished the whole thing. People talk about savoring books, and trying to read a chapter a night or whatevers, but I’m not too good at that:p

  4. Wow Mim- that’s impressive!! That’s pretty crazy, actually! It takes me about a month to finish a Harry Potter book… hehe.

  5. Harry Potter is like a big movie release, but it’s a book. I think I read that they sold 6.9M copies in 24 hours Our copy cost about 15 bucks, so that’s what 103M dollars.

    At this point, I don’t really think it matters whether or not someone labels it literature, it has a fan base unlike any other book property.

    It is kind of cool how it used to be that movies would open up to sales like that, but now it’s video games (GTA, Halo 2) and books too…

  6. our copy was $18. we were getting greens for the buns @ safeway and they had copies at the cash registers so we were like, dude! i’m trying to savor this book a bit ‘cos if i can be reading it while on the treadmill then that time will just fly by. somehow that sounds nerdy.

  7. Dang it!! Will you quit reading so fast? That’s not normal.

  8. It was a pretty lonely weekend…

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