I meant to make some kind of post while visiting my sister, but seriously, her dial-up kills me:p She does everything computer related at work (besides The Sims 2:p) so she’s never felt the need to get broadband, even though I tried really really hard to convince her to try one of them 1 month free trials starting in late June through late July (or anything as long as it covered early July), but she stubbornly refused to listen to me, alas. Oh and plus for some reason, no matter what isp she uses, she only connects at about 24-26kps. Yeah, so it’s like going back in the day:p Only back in the day, everyone thought 28.8 was amazing, which it was! cos back in the day people didn’t use graphics and “cool” design-y stuffs all over. Yeah, so that’s my story:p The only time I went on her computer was to make sure things were updated, check around for spyware, and teach her how to make mp3s from her own cds.

Lessee, what else happened? Oh yeah, I got sick on the airplane or something, was running a fever for Friday and Saturday. Damn airplanes! I think I liked flying better when I was younger and the seats didn’t seem so small and hard:p I helped out my parents on Friday, meant to on Saturday, but slept in. Then sat around and watched a ton of dvds. CT likes to buy them when they’re on sale cos then it’s like the price of a rental. So I’ll tell you:
The Prince & Me sucks. CT thought it was ok, but I thought it sucked. For one thing, I couldn’t get over this thing where they had a real country (Denmark), but then they had a fake royal family. I mean, hello? Queen Margrethe II is the Queen of Denmark in her own right. It bugged me. Why couldn’t they make up a country? But ok, if the movie had been brilliant, I wouldn’t’ve minded so much. It’s maybe possible that it was cute and romantic, but after the whole Denmark thing, I couldn’t give it a fair shake. But I doubt it.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the best movie we saw during the weekend. Soooo funny and cute!
The Gift was good except I had a problem with Keanu Reeves. Cate Blanchett just made him look amateurish! But I liked it. Had some good freaky moments. And I saw Katie Holmes’ (or her body double’s) boobs! :p
Also saw Mean Girls (good, fun), The Truth About Cats & Dogs (ok), and Godzilla (big summer movie of yesteryear, easy to understand even if English isn’t your first language, cos the story isn’t important:p).

Oh and my extended family came to hang out and we all played a lot of Texas Hold ‘Em. Michael tries to take it seriously, but he couldn’t figure us out cos we’re noobs and we have no clue:p

My sister and I had a fight, but I took clothes from her anyhows:p Besides that, we didn’t do much, not even shop.


  1. Aww just say it :p i had another episode. hehe, sorry!! sometimes i dont know why u put up with my shenanigans. I think it’s cuz I have really cool clothes.

  2. “really cool clothes”
    *sigh*… sometimes i really wonder… paint covered pants, shirts that hike up above ur belly button… didnt noe that was in fashion~ hahaha j/k j/k ^.^

  3. You’re one step ahead of Tom Cruise then!

  4. Ooooh yes! One step ahead of Tom!
    I hope you’re not being glib:p

  5. Me? Never! :) But I tell you what, I’ll be jumping up and down on a sofa and criticizing psychiatrists before I see another Tom Cruise movie!

    I like the bowl of cherries that’s next to your name in the “Post a Comment On:…” window… (can’t see it from the main blog…) at least I think they’re cherries, maybe strawberries? Mmmm…

  6. They’re cherries:) Yummilicious cherries.

    It’s my profile pict:)

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