Better Whiner

Have you ever heard your computer beeping really loudly and insistently out of the blue? Oh my god it’s the most irritating thing imaginable.

Well it’s even worse when it’s a server (not a domain controller or anything like that, just a small standalone). Them server-making people evidently decided that if something is wrong with a server, everyone in that wing of the floor should be able to hear it whine about its pain, even behind closed doors. How do you fix it when you can barely think?! Geez, I thought I was a good whiner:p

But you know, for once, I’m kinda glad my cell phone is semi-broken. I got called about the server, and I was like, “So what’s up?” and he incredulously said, “You can’t hear it?” and I insouciantly replied, “Nope! My phone is messed and I’m sitting in a loud bus besides.” Hahaha:) I’m just lucky my cell didn’t decide to hang up on him before I figured out there was a problem. Technology:p

(Guess it’s an adverb kind of post:D )


  1. i got lost in all the sat words…

  2. Yeah, this post was like… I’m related to you? You’re like a nerd from all different angles.

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