Finding a Nintendog; Also, I Hate Walmart

Y’see, you can tell it was a long day cos it’s taken me three days just to post about it. And each post was rather substantial (in length if not in content:p).

Anyhows, the rest of the Long Long Long day was spent looking for that special combination of Nintendo DS (system) and Nintendogs (game). This is, by the way, a semi-abbreviated account of what happened:p And it’s still pretty long, so if you wanna, you can just scroll down to see the good stuff:D

Basically, after we hung out with all them lil tykes at Tyler’s birthday party, we drove to Walmart looking for a DS. I was mildly anti-Walmart, but they were selling the DS with Super Mario 64 for the price of the DS. I never played the game back on the N64, so I thought it might be fun. Omg, that parking lot was sheer madness! You know how usually at a shopping center the back spots are actually pretty empty so as long as you’re willing to hoof it a bit, parking’s at least easy in the back? Well at the new Walmart in Oakland, the whole parking lot was FULL! Was crazy. Then we went in, and dude, the minute I stepped inside I wanted out already. There were so many people! And so many tall narrow aisles! I hate shopping, really. But we were there, so we went looking for the DS. First they couldn’t find anyone with the keys, then there wasn’t anyone with information (although the cashier who tried to help us was nice), then when the assistant manager showed up, she claimed that prices online aren’t reflected in-store. Which makes no sense since there’s a “Shop Online!” station right next to the cashier’s office. Well we tried to say, “Uh…are you sure about this?” and even one of the sales associates was like, “Really?” But the assistant manager INSISTED. So we left. Anyhows since we were going to Menlo Park for dinner, we decided to stop at Union City which has this huge shopping center with every store imaginable. We know this shopping center because everytime we go down to South Bay to see misa and neb, the In N Out calls our names, although we mostly resist. The whole time we are making this decision, we talked about how this was way too much effort; we shoulda listened to ourselves. I guess it’s not too often we have a car:p

Well, the Union City Walmart was horrific too. The sales associate said that it was a special bundle and even though the bundle was just a DS and a game, too bad, they were out of the bundled ones. Well that’s fine I guess, but that doesn’t explain the first Walmart then. Anyhows, so now I don’t even wanna buy from Walmart, bundle or no, so we go to Best Buy. But they’re sold out of the DS. I buy the game anyhows cos doood, now I am just sad. On the way out of the shopping center, we see a Game Crazy store, so we try there, but they’re out of the DS as well. They suggest Walmart, to which I reply, “I hate Walmart.” and without batting an eyelash, they suggest Best Buy, but of course, they’re sold out.

By this time, it’s getting close to our reservation time, so we are thinking that we’ll just have to call it quits, and buy at EB the next day or something. Luckily, misa and neb take us to a Target after dinner right before they close, so I get my DS after all.


I actually got two copies of Nintendogs cos I got the chihuahua version first, when that was all they had left, but then I thought I’d like the lab version, so we got that at Best Buy after a day of DS disappointment, but then since misa has the lab version, I decided to keep the chihuahua version, cos truthfully, they are all pretty damn cute.

Now I have a German Shepherd named Dog who is the smartest and cutest little guy around:) He’s already won the Open level of the obedience trials. Genius, I tell ya:)


  1. WHY!? For goodness sakes! Why is your dog wearing glasses?? He’s going to get beat up by the other dogs at school. Should’ve at least gotten him contacts. Gee whiz.

  2. I confess, I looked at the pictures first and posted that previous comment. Now that I’ve read the text, I think the more important topic is the shopping. Now you see why I like Target? Target has good prices and it’s well maintained. Walmart is just a zoo. It’s what K-mart was before they went bankrupt. I must say though, I think you went through too much effort. Couldn’t you have waited a few months or weeks?

  3. waited, schmated! :D

    my dog is so rebellious, which makes her even more like frosty. i am pretty sure she doesn’t know her name but i don’t think it matters ‘cos i just tap the screen.

    also she thought everything i said was shake so i made her forget her other commands and switched sit to “doooooown” and lie to “flaaaaaat” and jump to “foooooo” so hopefully the vowels are different enough to easily interpret and dude, she won gold at obedience (only first round though). but the previous times i tried she scored ZERO points. so i’d be yelling STOOPID DAWG all the time and maybe that made her mad. :D

    also i learned that bunnies (in real life) are indeed clicker trainable to do tricks so maybe i’ll have to see if the Real Frost can flaaaaat :D

  4. Target rocks! Walmart too many people get mugged in the aisles and in the parking lots.

  5. yah woman! go target. yeah i’ve never really been much of a fan of walmart. esp since the time i went there on black friday. oy was the harsh. buh yeah… not really worth it. target is much better=)

  6. Hey aren’t you supposed to be too tired from drinking!??! what a lush! i get off at 5 only to see Mim sittin’ outdoors gettin’ ready for happy hour! so jealous… =(

    btw, i’d have to agree, Target is a good place to visit and they got a huge one up now in albany/el cerrito.

  7. She’s meeting the girls for happy hour while I end up working till 8pm. What a good wife.

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