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For some reason lately, we’ve been playing a lot of Warcraft games with bunnies hopping around. The maps have been available for a while, but we just never tried ’em. The first screenshot is from a minigame inside the Skibi TD map, and the second is from the intro to Funny Bunny’s Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny is smoking a cigar:p You can click on the picture and it’ll show a larger version of the picture:) Sooooo cute! :)

Also, Mike sent me this link today, this is not WarcraftIII, might be World of Warcraft. It’s a little geeky video that’s pretty hilarious:) Hehe, the guy says “Leeeeeeroy Jjjjenkins” with such panache. Anyhows, it’s all v. dorky, but funny.


  1. Ok this post was entirely too geeky. So was that movie. Wut’d Leeroy do anyway? Looked like he ran into a suicide mission and his buddies followed along… y’know like in that old saying, if your friend jumped off the proverbial bridge would you follow? I guess in this case, the answer was a resounding yes! Woohoo!

  2. oh boy oh boy! i want to catch bunnies! and smell them and kiss them! :)

    that easter bunny though, he’s scary. does he make the kids into cute bunnies?

  3. im afraid to click and even more afraid to noe.

  4. Leeroy Jenkins is now a legend in WoW circles, and even people in other MMORPGs know of that video. It’s actually a staged video. Basically, the room that he jumps in to is suicide without proper planning, the video has the group over planning (mocking the guilds with a checklist) then Leeroy waking up, going in, and killing everyone.

  5. oh, guess that explains the video, but dooood, still funny:) And I don’t even play MMORPGs. So it’s nothing to be scared of:p

    The Easter Bunny turns the kids into mini versions of himself:p Maybe no cigar? I didn’t look that closely.
    We can hop on one of these days if you like:)

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