Kaiseki at Kaygetsu

misa and neb took us to Kaygetsu in Menlo Park for kaiseki, which is like Japanese prix fixe. I think misa or neb would be better able to describe, but I’ll do the best I can.

We got there first, so I had time to take pictures of the table setting:)

Kaiseki Appetizer
This is the saki zuke (starter). The description says that it’s “vinegar/gelatin coated seafood” in the green leaf wrapped thing. I know it doesn’t sound appetizing, but it was good:) The next thing is “steamed chicken, asparagus, red and yellow bell pepper with black sesame sauce.” The chicken was like any other chilled chicken, although v. tender and good, but the black sesame sauce made it more than that:) Then it’s “red crab with edamame jelly” and lastly “squid with spicy cod fish roe, rolled with seaweed, deep fried with spicy rice cracker” which was amazing! They didn’t mention the shiso but there was shiso and it was ever so delicious. This last one was our fave:)

Suimono (Clear Broth)
Suimono (clear broth) consisting of “hamo fish with noodles, yuzu (no idea), plum.” This felt like swanky comfort food to me when I was eating it. The next day, even though I thought the appetizer thing was so good, it was all the brothy dishes that I craved.

Tsukuri (sashimi): “daily selection of sashimi” I think the sashimi under the shiso leaf was amber jack (yum!), then striped jack (Yut liked this one), then the red one was maguro, and then two pieces of salmon. I think that salmon was super good, and usually I’m not a salmon sashimi fan.

Grilled Fish
Yaki mono (grilled dish): “dried and grilled ayu (sweet fish) served with tade (water pepper) vinegar, pickled hollowed burdock, grilled manganji pepper, sansho flowed baby sardines.” This was amazing!!! Yut and I both cleaned off both of our plates, bones and all. The fish was really good with that green vinegar. We also talked misa into eating the fish tails:) I liked the rest of it too, but the fish was the best.

Stewed Beef
Taki awase (slow cooked dish): “kobe style beef, cooked with sweet soy hirousu (minced and fried tofu), green bean, Japanese potato, carrot, spaghetti squash, eggplant, cooked in fish broth.” This was good, I especially liked the hirousu:)

Rice with Salmon
Gohan mono (rice dish): “salmon [sic] with clear broth, topped with salmon, pickled vegetables.” When Yut saw the description, he was pretty curious about the salmon on salmon, and took the cover off right away to check it out. But it was just a misprint — should be rice with clear broth. This made me think of all the times I put soup (especially miso) on my rice and ate it like a ricey soup and my mom told me I was eating it pig slop style and now it turns out I’m just a gourmand and my run-on sentence capability is pretty good, too:) Anyhows, it was delicious also:)

Fig Compote And Milk Sorbet
Last was the house-made original dessert: “fig compote, condensed milk sorbet with red bean topping, green tea syrup” which reminded me of red bean condensed milk slushy which I always eat bushels full of in Taiwan:) Well just the milk sorbet and red bean topping part. The fig compote was really good. “That was one yummy ass fig” is how Yut put it:) I didn’t even know I liked fig:p

Anyhows, by this time, we were all really full, so luckily dinner was done:)


  1. It’s like Iron Chef. Actually, your dinner reminds me of the omakase at Morimoto, only they tell you what you’re getting. And I didn’t think kobe beef was anything special, but what do I know? :P

  2. mmm… hungry again.

    your pictures came out well! and posted descriptions too… i’ll just linky here. :D

  3. mannn why do you always get the good stuff. poo

  4. post your pictures too! :)
    (if you feel like it)

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them. Was yummy. Now I’m hungry again.

    They do tell you what you’re going to get, btw, cos it’s on their website and in their menu. And the waitress explained each in more detail as she served them. Was lovely.

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