Movie Watching

We saw Kung Fu Hustle today:) Soooo funny. A lot of fun to watch. Much better than Shaolin Soccer (starring and directed by the same guy, Stephen Chow) to me.

Lately we’ve been watching so many movies that Netflix (or similar) would finally be worth it. But the thing is, we’re not like this all the time. And Nintendogs comes out today!!! Oooh yes. We are going to get a Nintendo DS just for that. I’m excited, it looks so cute:D So yeah, after that, who knows:) Also, Civ IV is out this year. And DDR Mario Mix. Hopefully, anyways. So after I get my hands on Nintendogs, we’ll see how much movie watching we do.


  1. Stephen Chow is very funny. I agree Shaolin Soccer wasn’t that great but it had me rolling around in some parts.

  2. *blink*… all these video games… and this is where i start to wonder if i am really a lin… hahaha

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