Sim Spammers

Everyday, in my work email account, I get a bunch of spam from people like Crump, Dolan, Freeman, Hedrick, Kyle, Pelletier, or Richey. Yes, evidently, I’m on a first name basis with these people. But I also get spam from people like Aaron McCullough, Adelheid Darden(!), Afua Ball(!), Alba Pittman, Alcoa Lambert, and Alejandro McIntyre (teehee). I couldn’t make this stuff up:p

So I was checking my mail, and I suddenly realized, my spam is like a treasure trove of names for my Sims! When I’m playing the Sims 2, I meet all sorts of random non-player characters (NPCs, I think) with names like Cherry Straight, but I always have a hard time making up names. But all I ever had to do was check my email:p

By the way, in case you can’t tell, I am so over this week. I been over this week since Tuesday. This week has been too long. Gawd, weekend, I need you.


  1. I keep a baby names book by my side as I play Sims2.

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