Snap Happy at Kirala and Berkeley Bowl

We went to Kirala yesterday for dinner with Laura and John. It’s our fave Japanese place, basically. Some people say that it’s overrated, etcetc, but I think it’s pretty yummilicious:)

We got there right before they opened for dinner, so we waited in line for a little. This gave me plenty of time to take photos of shoes:D

Yut's Shoes
Yut’s sandals.

Laura's Shoes
Laura’s shoes.

3 Shoes
3 of our shoes in one picture. John came a little later, after I’d already started snapping away, so no outdoorsy shoe pictures.

John's Shoes
But no worries, I got it after we sat down:p

This was our waitress, she was great:)

Table Setting
The table, looking pristine, but empty.

But not for long. Actually we got some robata stuff before this, but we ate it all before I could take photos:) Oh sushi, how I love thee. I don’t think I have anything useful to say about sushi cos I basically rave:p The roll on the left with the shrimp tempura sticking out is their version of a Dragon Roll, basically a shrimp tempura roll with Unagi and Avocado around it, then there’s a Spider Roll, then Rainbow Roll — a California Roll with different fish and avocado all around it, then there’s two Spicy Tuna Rolls which I think are really good here, then 4 Unagi and 4 albacore tuna nigiri.

Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream
We ended with tempura green tea ice cream.

After dinner, Laura and John left for home, but Yut and I went to Berkeley Bowl, which is this cool, but v. crowded grocery near Kirala.

Berkeley Bowl
When we go to Berkeley Bowl, we generally walk all around the perimeter areas, but skip all the aisles cos it’s crowded and we want out:p There are just so many carts, it’s like rush hour sometimes.

Onions and Shallots and Garlic, oh My!
Onions and shallots and garlic and potatoes and etcetc.

Close to the Last Cherries of the Season
I think we are close to the last cherries of the season. Still yummy though:) These Sweetheart cherries look just like Bings to me, not that I am an expert on cherry varieties:p The light colored cherries are Rainiers, and you can’t see them, but there’s Lapin cherries, too.

Pineapples Papayas Mangoes & Prickly Weird Things
More produce. We like the fruits at Berkeley Bowl cos there’s always like 20 million varieties and choices.


Wines — I know it’s blurry, but I swear I wasn’t drunk! I was just walking towards it as I snapped the photo:p

Then we went home and played games. And that was the whole evening:)


  1. You just did my favorite things! Reading this and looking at the pictures just brings all the good memories back. :) ahhh vacation.

  2. hahah totally koolbeans

  3. this strange obsession with feet… i dont get it…

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