The Hours, They Were Happy

I would just like to say that I was only there from 5 to before 6:20 or something cos I have class at 6:30, so after that, til 8 or so I was in class. So there:p

happy hour tableful
It was nice though, a couple of drinks after work:D

portobello and polenta
I also had dinner there — Portobello Al Balsamico which is a mushroom baked in garlic and olive oil with a balsalmic vinegar sauce. Polenta (?) on the side. Yums:)

Oh and Dog is now also a disc competition champion (the beginner level only). But I haven’t tried the agility trials cos he gets into the tube and stays there, whining just a tad, poor little guy.

I tried to teach Dog “spin” for chasing his own tail, but that didn’t work, so I trained him on “chase,” but then he got confused with “shake,” so I retrained him for “handshake” but I forget sometimes. I can’t seem to get him to jump and beg tho:(

misa, we need to get together again so our dogs can play:) Also anyone else who decides to get Nintendogs:p


  1. That food place looks nice. Fancy schmancy. And stop talking about your dog like it were a real dog. Play date… cheez.

  2. heehee yea my Snoflak(e) is getting better…
    she has gold in obedience and then i think i got her through two rounds each of the others… but silver or bronzes. but i’m nervous about agility now — i’m not consistent getting her to jump the double jumpy things. :)

    also i found a high heeled shoe outside and snoflake seems to be frightened of it, haha!

  3. Mim spent her money and bought me a dog too! Now I have ♥Boxy♥, my lovely female brindled Boxer. She’s got 6 tricks learned, what a genius.

  4. What restaurant was this???

  5. hmmm…you’re lucky Yut, I haven’t gotten a bitch for a present my whole life! =P I’ve seen you there twice now Mim! super lush!!! well, semi, cuz you only had an hour or so to drink! j/k!!!

  6. I’m also lucky cause I didn’t marry one! Cha-ching, racking up the brownie points.

    I miss ♥Boxy♥…

  7. It’s Ristorante Raphael on Center St. They have a good happy hour:)

    Drinks are like 1/2 off (so about $3) and select appetizers on their “happy hour” menu are $5. We can go anytime Tues-Fri from 3-6:30pm or something that like and have a nintendog playdate:D

    Also, Dog is a real Nintendog, and that’s all that matters:p Plus, he was born potty trained! Genius:)

  8. omg… its time to come back to the real world now! with REAL dogs!-_-;;

  9. This game is gonna set your expectations way high and you’re gonna be disappointed when you see real dogs and they turn out to be stupid :p

  10. Oh… $3 drinks?!?! We MUST go… I’ll leave work early if I have to… good lord! So- when are we going? =P

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