The Longest Day

Saturday (to me, it’s still today:p) has been a v. long day.

Today was Tyler’s birthday party. For him, we woke up earlier than we wanted to:p But still, it was actually pretty fun. Dooooood though, so many children! We ate tons of really good kalbi and chapchae (I think that’s what it was:) ) and spinach stuff and seaweed stuff.

Then the games began. This pinata was so strong, it took a while to break:p Look at all the kids! Was like Munchkinland, nice place, ok to visit, but we’re leaving and going to Oz. Something like that:p

Afterwards, we drove around a lot looking for a Nintendo DS. But that story later:p Then we had dinner with misa and neb, but that story also later.

I am soooo tired right now, so I am going to bed:p


  1. teeheehee, they lookie so cute!

  2. So, where are those other stories??? :)

  3. Yah, where are those other stories!? Put your Nintendog down and take care of us.

  4. Skip the Nintendoes, you’re gonna put it all down when the world ends, or rather when mister Meier get’s off his butt and releases Civ IV

  5. Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to Civ IV:) But the Nintendo doesn’t take too much time and I can take care of my dog inbetw Civ turns :D

  6. Nuts, ya’ll are nuts.

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