Trivia Night

One of the local restaurants around here has a Trivia Night going once per month (I think). A group of my co-workers decided to try it out this month. Well, all I have to say is, there is a lot of stuff I have no clue about. Geeeeeeezus.


We started out tied for last out of six teams, but every round we went up a level, so by then end we were tied for first (!!!). But we lost in sudden death.

Drank some drinks, ate some food, tried to answer some questions, was fun:)


  1. Not bad for a first try. You guys should go back! Sounds mighty fun.

  2. NERDS! Just kidding, it does sound fun. I just wanted to yell nerds. I think ‘cos it reminds me of a story where bill did that to someone.

  3. omg my cousin is a dork… hahaha. j/k j/k! that is sooo coolio. my cousin is an absolute true nerd capable of almost winning a nerd competition. this is so tite… mannn i wish i had those nerd genes in me… shoo…

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