We had lunch at Wikiwiki Hawaiian BBQ which just opened today. It replaced this rotisserie chicken place but the decor didn’t change much. I mean, they repainted and hung some cool Hawaiian stick figure theme lights but it didn’t do enough to alleviate the cafeteria feel of the space.

Anyhows, the menu has stuff like loco moco, kalua pork, pork lau lau, chicken katsu, beef curry, mahi mahi, bbq short ribs, and musubi, etcetc. A lot of Hawaiian stuff:) Since it was our first time, we decided to try the loco moco and the kalua pork & pork lau lau plates.

Loco Moco
The loco moco had more of a slightly sweet teriyaki based gravy than a regular gravy. I think loco moco is better with gravy. It was fine, but it definitely doesn’t compare to the loco moco we had at L&L in Hawaii:p

Pork Laulau and Kalua Pork
The kalua pork was actually pretty yummy, nice and tender. The laulau was a disappointment though. Even though the taro leaf package looks pretty big, there’s actually not that much stuff inside. Also, I’m not sure if they just didn’t properly steam it or what, but the pork inside was tough and dry. Oh well.

All the food seems to come out in these paper boxes regardless of if you are getting take out or eating there. And also, it is only just the first day it opened, so things probably need time to settle down. And I would go back to try some of their other stuff, and maybe even the kalua pork again, but definitely no more lau lau:p

On our way home from Wikiwiki, we stopped by Blockbuster cos we got these coupons in the mail from some class action lawsuit or something. Cos of those coupons, we’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. We’ve seen Sideways, which I actually thought was pretty good. It definitely had its moments. A lot of people I’ve spoken with have said that they thought it was overrated, cos of the hype you know “the best indie movie yadayada” but I felt like it was a really charming movie, with its loser main leads. Yesterday we watched Mystic River, which was amazing. Really heartbreaking good stuff. It was just great all around. I don’t even know what to say more about it. Today we rented African Queen on VHS(!) cos it’s not available on DVD. I don’t get why not, but I guess Blockbuster’s not a great place for seeing old movies:p

Oh and Lingo wanted the top left pair of sneakers (the blue ones) and the bottom right pair of loafers (is that what they’re called?). So K and I were both sort of right:p


  1. keeheehee. never had hawaiian food b4 buh looks good i guess=) mmm… yay! i guessed at least one of the shoes right. oh well i still would’ve gone for the tims though.

  2. I’m all over this place!!! time to get myself fat! Even if the pork lau lau isn’t great I’ll still be hitting it up for the loco moco at least. I went to the L&L out in Hayward and it still wasn’t as good as the one in Hawaii, weird.

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