Crime Pictorial

Now you can see local police reports online, mapped! They don’t have every city or anything but it’s pretty cool. Seems like a lot of thievery type activities go on in Berkeley:p

Completely unrelated, but we rented Billy Elliot this weekend. We liked it! It was really touching, although at times it did border on treacly. I especially liked Julie Walters as Mrs. Wilkinson, the ballet teacher.


  1. I really enjoyed that movie too.

  2. Too bad we can’t get one for Langley Park, MD, where we used to live… that map would have been so marked up…

    We lived next to car thieves
    We had our car broken into twice, once when someone punched through the windshield w/ their fist
    They’re talking about demolishing our former apartments, because they house too much of a drug market…

    Sigh… :)

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