I Love Outsourcing

People complain to me about how Dell outsourced their customer service to India or whereever, but doooood I’m lovin’ it.

Used to be, I’d call Dell about an issue, and all I would get was attitude and misinformation. A lot of the people working at Dell were condescending bastards, always talked down to me. HELLO! I’m female! NOT 5!!! Not that everyone was bad, some of them were really nice and knowledgeable, but they were the exception.

But this past year or so, the Dell folk have been great. They’re patient and understanding and really want to help. Also, they respond to emails, and chat, and phone calls; it’s amazing. So as far as I’m concerned, well if they couldn’t get good help here, and had to go to India, then that’s that. Cos I’m much happier lately with Dell than I have been.

(Thanks to Karishma and Rajat and Sujan and everyone who helped me this weekend with my order. Yes, I am lame and I needed a lot of help.)


  1. Never talked to Dell outsourced people but the outsourced folk I’ve dealt with gave me nothing but headaches. I finally got help from Tigs. hehe

  2. heheheheh ^.^ i love dell too! buh thats cuz they’re mailing me a digicam~ keeheehee^.^ soooo excited!!!

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