Losing My ID

For 3 days this week, I thought I lost my work id, which is bad cos I had to call the receptionist person to be buzzed in every time I wanted to go hang out in my cubicle (which is a cool happening sort of place that I wanna hang out in…). Aaaaaand replacing the damn thing costs like $25 or something like that.

I looked in my left jacket pocket, which is where I’d last put it, and then my right jacket pocket, then my bag, then my pants pocket, and even my office drawers. But it was gone!!! But I didn’t want to have to deal with going to get a new id, so I kept on hoping that it would just sort of turn up or someone would mail it back or something.

Thursday, at dinner (after I’d already left work:p), as I was taking off my jacket, I felt something in the pocket, so I checked it again. Dooooood, it was in there the whole time! I felt STOOPID. Yut laughed at me, like the sympathetic fellow he is. So I turned and asked him if he’d hidden it, which only made him laugh more — he didn’t even know I’d put my id in my pocket. <sigh>


  1. hehehehee. ok ok, I confess… I secretly hid it. :p

  2. hahaha. thats gotta suck~

  3. Man, 3 days is nothin’!! I “misplaced” my server room keys and hoped it would turn up…this went on for almost 3 months while I decided when i should bring it up to my boss. Good thing it just magically turned up a couple weeks ago!! =P

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