Mechanical Doesn’t Do It For Me

I was doing homework the other day, and I realized: I love sharpening pencils. I know when I have to go sharpen my pencil that I’ve done a good chunk of work — I feel like I accomplished something. When I’m writing with a pencil, I check my tip a lot to see if it’s about ready for a sharpening yet. I mean, don’t wanna waste by sharpening too much, but you know, don’t want a dull pencil either. The closest a mechanical pencil comes to this is clicking to get some more lead out, and that’s just not the same.

Pencil and Sharpener
I especially like the little manual sharpeners, for some reason. I like the way they sharpen so neatly, and the scritch sound it makes. Electric sharpeners are okay too, cos I love the smell of newly sharpened pencil, and they’re so efficient. I don’t like the shape of the sharpened pencil as much though. So in August, when they had the back to school specials, I figured that was as good an excuse to pick up a pencil sharpener as any, so I did; look, it’s almost a quarter full already:)

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  1. Yeah, the best part about using a wooden pencil is getting to sharpen it with a good manual hand sharpener. I love it when it comes out in one nice solid whorl. Very neat.

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