Meta, Sorta

I went and bought yesterday, so it’s mine. On one hand, I didn’t think anyone would ever buy nothingedifying cos I mean… it’s just not something you’d say much. I don’t even know if it’s proper English.

But Yahoo! was having a domain registration sale, so I figured, why the hell not. Also, someone has! And Yut’s name too! So it’s nuts.

Right now, I haven’t decided to do anything with it, so it just re-directs to this same page, maybe I’ll do something with it later:)


  1. i saw domain and stopped reading.

  2. oops that was me… meow…

  3. After the math marathon last night I figured it must be you. Range, domain, polynomials, functions, quadratics, completing the square…aargh!

  4. I had fun:)

    There’s so much math that’s so much more making sense now that I slept through in high school:p

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