More Happy Hour

Al, Yut, and I went to get drinks Friday before . Doood, even though it was a short (4 day) work week, it seemed really long.

Mojito alla Fragola, Rum Coco, Pink Villa
Yum, needed that:p

After happy hour, we met up with Julie to go to Sea Salt for dinner.

Raw Oysters
Always delicious! Although the big ones were a little big, even for me.

Steamed Clams
Yummilicious. These were gobbled up fast, and we sopped up the juices with the bread.

Lobster Roll
Yut got the lobster roll, which was buttery goodness.

oyster po' boy
Al got the oyster po’ boy.

Fish & Chips
Julie and I both got the fish ‘n’ chips. Now my cousin K, who has NEVER had fish n chips, knows what they look like, at least.

Anyhows, it was all delicious:) Afterwards we went to Gelaterio Naia for gelato:)


  1. teeheehee~ yay my knowledge is expanded~ i know waht fish and chips look like=P

  2. It all looks so good but I think the chips look the best. Not your fries, but the potato chips adorning Al’s po’ boy.

  3. Oh, I see it’s on the lobster roll plate too. Yum! But there’s one chip in particular on the po’ boy plate, it’s off to the left side and is kinda curly. That looks like a good chip.

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