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This weekend we’ve seen a lot of movies. Yut’s parents go to sleep early and wake up early which is the exact opposite of us. Plus they have cars:)

First we rented Equilibrium which Cliff recommended a while back. I’d totally forgotten, but Yut saw it at Blockbuster and so we got it. I’ll admit, I was afraid it was going to be stupid because science fiction (and fantasy a lot) movies are AWFUL! But it was really good! Lots of fun:) Somewhat on the violent side, but you’ll notice there isn’t actually a lot of blood — although I thought there were two scenes that were somewhat gratuitous. Also I like Christian Bale a lot now — cos he’s BATMAN! But also really good:) I’ve seen it twice now and listened to the commentaries, which is not something Yut is into, but that’s ok cos he’s playing with lappy instead:p Well admittedly, after the first time, I was really reading and watching and posting at the same time. But still the movie is great fun:)

Yesterday, we finally saw Red Eye which I’ve been wanting to see cos I actually like both main leads (Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams). Also lots of fun. Dude, she was just so resourceful and didn’t give up. And he was so so cold. I think I want to see 28 Days Later again to watch him do the human/heroic thing:p

Today, we are thinking of going to watch The Constant Gardener with Ralph Fiennes. I read Stephen Hunter’s review (Pulitzer Prize winning critic at The Washington Post) and he said it was Fiennes’s best performance since The English Patient… well, that’s fine, but I hated The English Patient. Ralph Fiennes was ok, I guess, but it’s not like I’m some sort of expert who’s able to distinguish between a good and great performance so I don’t know, I just remember being really annoyed:p So we’ll see.

I just wanted to add that when we went to Blockbuster, we were originally trying to rent Double Indemnity but they didn’t have it. Grrrrrrr…

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  1. yeah i saw red eye… ehh i thought it wasnt as great as i thought it would be buh it was alright.

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