Pictures from SoCal

One of the best things about visiting parents is all the good food I get to eat:)

I think it’s especially good in the LA suburbs (east away from LA), cos not only is it good, it’s CHEAP, which gives me a sense of satisfaction to go with the food:D

Garlic Fried Dungeness Crab
On Saturday, for lunch, we went to this restaurant called Home Style in Monterey Park (both are guesses, actually:p). They have this fried dungeness crab with deep fried garlic dish for $1.99/pound. This crab was about 3 lbs, so this whole dish cost $5.99. You can’t buy crab for that much even if you wanted to deal with the frying of the garlic and the crab. And it’s oh so delicious. Well crab is yummy anyhows, but them garlic pieces are delectable.

Seafood and Tofu Clay Pot
Seafoody Clay Pot dish.

Clams with Basil Black Bean Sauce
Clams with Basil — this is actually on my plate, and I already ate one:p

Salt and Pepper Shrimp Closeup
Yut’s fave, Salt and Pepper Shrimp. We were thinking about the fish tails from the grilled fish at kaiseki and the shrimp tails from this or tempura, and Yut had this brilliant idea where they take these crunchy shrimp and fish tails and package them as a salty snack. Wow, would that sell! Although we would probably buy some to try at least, I don’t know if anyone else would.

The Chase
On Sunday, our nephew came over. He’s 2 and sooo cute. He made Yut get his tricycle and chase him (on his train thing) around the backyard. Pretty funny stuff:) He’s tireless and wore Yut out completely. Everyone else sat around enjoying the spectacle.

Dim Sum
Today, we went to have dim sum. Each dish was like $2.10, which is pretty low. It’s less on non-holidays or weekends, and both prices used to be lower, but they raised the prices recently.

Not Here Yet
We flew back today, then took AirBART and BART home. We just missed the train so we had to wait at the BART station for a while.

View of the Coliseum
I wandered around a bit and took random pictures of the view from the platform.

Taking Nintendog to an Agility Trial
Yut and ♥Boxy♥ got first place at the Beginner Class of the Agility Trial:)

Was fun, but I’m glad to be home.

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  1. HEEE i cant wait until i get to take sexy pics like that^.^ yay!
    wow… that crab looks sooo freakn good.. and so cheap i’d eat a whole bunch of them… droooool~

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