The Nintendog Connection

Labor Day weekend is a popular traveling weekend. I know this cos dooood, there were a ton of people at the airport when we went to fly to visit my in-laws. I think it was worse than July 4th weekend. Although of course, the most recent flight is almost always the worst:p

But! While we were at the airport waiting for boarding, I saw this kid, playing with his DS. And he was using his stylus a lot. Now, of course a lot of DS games can utilize the stylus, but I automatically thought NINTENDOGS! I dithered a lot, wondering if I ought to go check, or if that’d be too freaky weird. But finally, I thought, “Fuck it.”

So I walked up to where he was sitting and said, “Dude, are you playing Nintendogs???” And he looked up (cute kid, around 10?) and was like, “Yeah…” And I was all, “OMG, I have one too!” (which was duh cos I had my DS clutched in my hand.) Making him look up at me caused his dog to mess up his Agility Trial (ooops) but then we let our dogs play:) He had a toy poodle, so now I can buy one from the kennel, but I don’t think I can handle another dog:p

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  1. LOL poor kid… must’ve been scared outta his mind~ his mind prolly going “wtf is wrong with this crazy lady…”

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