The Start of the Mucho TV Posts! (Maybe)

A whole bunch of TV seasons have gotten started this month:) Lessee, House is on Tuesdays (started last week) and today was Medium and Arrested Development (funny, but I really ought to buy the dvd’s cos in a way I like watching Arrested Development all together for some reason) and I also watched Just Legal (seemed alright). Tomorrow is Law & Order: SVU and more House. Wednesday is Lost and Law & Order. And So You Think You Can Dance (but that’s not a new season, more like we’re nearing the end of its season). Thursday is Survivor (this season seems like it’s gonna be good) and CSI. And Threshold on Fridays. And Yu-Gi-Oh on Saturdays:) Have I missed anything? :p

Oh and I almost forgot: For the first time in I don’t even remember how long, the Redskins beat the Cowboys! On Monday night football! Yay! :) Gawd, I don’t care if they have a losing record, but for goodness’ sake beat the Cowboys! (And the 49ers and the Giants if at all possible). Please don’t ask me anything about football though cos the answer is I have no idea! :p


  1. That is some serious TV watching. What about Powerpuff Girls? (as if you didn’t already have plenty enough to watch):p Do they stil have new episodes?

  2. seriously~ for like the past fifty years they’ve been loosin like anything, then BAM outta no wehre~ SWEEEEET i say~!

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