Zax Tavern and Dog News

We went to Zax Tavern with misa and neb tonight for dinner. No photos cos I forgot my camera. Anyhows, the food was super delicious!

Yut and I shared the Twice-baked Goat Cheese Soufflé for appetizer; misa and neb got the soufflé and a prosciutto salad. The soufflé was delicious, puffy with a good goat cheese flavor! I liked the fennel salad on the side too — v. unique. I like anise though, so I think if you hate fennel or anise, then it wouldn’t’ve been good.

Then for entrée Yut got Pork Shoulder Summer Stew. The pork was so tender and flavorful and there were beans and peas etc that were cooked really nicely — still crisp, not soggy. I got the Rice-Crusted Alaskan Halibut which I thought was pretty amazing — very tender and flaky. I liked the crustiness too. Oh and the mashed potatoes on the side. misa and neb shared the Local King Salmon entreée.

For dessert misa and I both got the pear tart with vanilla ice cream, Yut got the peach shortcake, and neb got the chocolate pavé. The pear tart was sooo good — I think even though neb liked the chocolate pavé, he said that the pear tart was better. The peach shortcake was really good, too. Our waitress said that all of the dessert items were made in-house, even the ice cream. Well it was all delicious.

We also shared a bottle of pinot noir (don’t remember the name), and I got a Sapphire and Ruby cocktail (Bombay Sapphire gin with pomegranate syrup and lime juice) which was quite good.

While I thought all of the food was great, the part I liked the best was its evenness. Sometimes I’ll go to a really good restaurant where say the appetizers are really spectacular, but the entrées are just ok. Or where the entrées are good, but the desserts are so-so at best. Or whatever. But at Zax, I really felt like everything was on the same (high) level, even the service. I was happy with everything.

And now for the nintendog news:) misa brought her dogs snowflake (pembroke welsh corgi) and coffee (shiba inu) so our dogs got to play:) misa’s done a lot more competitions, but we take our dogs on more walks so we had picked up more stuff:) Yut told us that his dog ♥Boxy♥ was the smartest cos she knows the most tricks, grrrrrrrr…


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  2. Food sounds de-lish, and balanced! Megu and I have been eating mostly the microwave fare these days, but when we’re not, it’s Dusit (Thai food), Full Key, Fu-Shing Cafe, and Matsuba…

  3. that’s some weird blog spam dude. your beets were tasty. :D

    i need to find a thai place to go to more often…

  4. Yeah, the comment spam made me turn on the “word” (I mean, they’re not really words) verification:p

    But I forgot how to delete it til now so I didn’t. But eh, maybe I’ll leave it around.

    Yum I love Full Key!!! :)
    We used to eat a lot of microwave stuff til our microwave broke:p We kinda decided eh to the whole replacing it thing:)

  5. There’s a pretty nice place in San Francisco called Thanh Long. Garlic dungeness crabs with peanut sauce-noodles. Pretty nice. I would invite everyone, but I know that my invitations just get forwarded to the junk mail folder…. Sob!

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