Car Rental

We rented a car Sunday; got a Chevrolet Cobalt. Y’know, we liked it! We liked it better than the Chrysler Sebring convertible we rented once. We tend to like small cars cos we’re not the most skilled parallel parkers around, but still this was a pretty nice cute car.

We took the car to Bed Bath & Beyond to look for a pitcher, some new potholders, a kitchen rack thing, orange juicer, a popcorn maker, and some other stuff. We got out of Bed Bath & Beyond with some new potholders and a kitchen rack thing. We also got a 3-piece cooking utensil set, a some placemats, and a TRASHCAN. Honestly, shopping there is dangerous:p The trashcan didn’t even fit into the trunk of the poor car!

We also went grocery shopping at both 99Ranch and Safeway, cos you know, a car’s not something we have everyday:) AND, in case you fall into the trunk when you’re putting in the groceries and then the trunk door slams shut:
Chevrolet Cobalt Trunk Door

Yes! I think it’s a safety pully thing in case you need to open the trunk from the inside. The little man is hopping out of the trunk and hitting the ground running:) I like it!

Gawd, I hope all y’alls out there aren’t going, “<snort> Puh-leeeaaazzze, everyone’s seen those before, damn bumpkins.” Cos I never seen one, or at least never noticed. Also, gas prices are expensive!

I think the cheapest we saw around was like $2.93 for the 87 octane. Just a month ago, it was like $2.78 or so, and I don’t think that was the cheapest around.
Gas Price Sign



  1. Whatever! That’s dirt cheap. I can’t believe I’m saying that… your gas is supposed to be more expensive than ours but lately, we’re lucky if we can get around $3.05 a gallon for 87 octane gas. Average is about $3.15.

  2. THATS EXPENSIVE?! womannn! yeah like ct said, i thought ur gas was supposed to be more expensive than ours!!!
    eek… yeah i never bothered thinkin bout gas till i started driving and danng that shit has gone up since the good old days.

  3. Where’d you find that gas?!?!? that is cheap!! I can’t find any gas station under $3 these days!

  4. noooo, sorry I meant that the picture was from like a month ago or something.

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