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This week I haven’t posted much, dunno why. Well anyhows, lessee…

Tuesday I don’t barely remember. Also: Goddamn Fox and Goddamn baseball. I want House back!!! Although Commander-in-Chief has been pretty entertaining and My Name is Earl, too.

On Wednesday, we went to the city to have dinner with Lingo, Annie, Jaynry, and Cliff for Cliff’s birthday. Lingo picked a restaurant called Limon in the Mission area of San Francisco (could be wrong, geography is not my forte — I pronounce that FORT btw, not fortay). It was good, but I forgot my camera, so no picts:p Limon is a Peruvian restaurant and one of their specialties is their ceviche (diff types). The Ceviche Limon which is a (cooked) mussel with like salsa on top is supposed to be v. good, but I was more just ok about it. We also got a shrimp ceviche, which had really good flavors, but we both thought it’d be more special with raw shrimp, like amaebi. The halibut ceviche was really good though! Super yums. There might be some bias towards raw seafood at work here:) We also got fried calamari which was crunchilicious. Forgot the rest of the appetizers, they were good but not special, I guess. The entrees were all pretty good. Personally we liked the duck breast best, but of course, not everyone likes duck. It was really tender and flavorful. Also, Lingo ordered an Argentinian malbec but I don’t remember the label exactly and we got sangria. I think it was one of the best sangrias I’ve had. Oh! Almost forgot dessert — they have this no flour chocolate cake which has to be ordered 15 minutes ahead of time, omg sooooo good. Sooo sooo good. It had this fig on the side which was quite good as well, and I’m not a big fan of fig, usually. We also got panna cotta, which I really like, but I felt like this version was a little heavy; I liked the panna cotta at Lux better. If panna cotta is supposed to be heavy and thick then I suppose they did it right and it was just me:p We also got an orangey flavored flan. Not bad, but basically everything was overshadowed by the chocolate cake. Mmmmm…chocolate:)

Thursday some co-workers organized a trip to Happy Hour at Raphael to celebrate October birthdays and etc:D

Last night we started a whole new Civ III game (we were talking about Civ IV and one thing led to another) but of course that means that we didn’t get to sleep until 6something in the morning. Oik. “One more turn!”

Today we went to a wedding. More on that later:p Am tired now. Damn Civ and taking over the world.


  1. omg, you guys brought nintendogs to the wedding?!?! arrrgh!! hahahahaha!!! I hope you guys didn’t walk around the dinner tables till you heard the DS bark! =P

  2. I love ceviches too… could just get full on that without eating anything else, ‘cept maybe that chocolate cake. I went to Rock Bottom on Friday and had their triple chocolate cheesecake. They gave us a huge slice and I polished it off! So good, but really didn’t need to be eating the whole thing. Pretty much when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate dessert of any kind.

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