On Waking Up and Neosporin and Rabies

I’ve somehow managed to catch a cold… It started out with just a headache and itchy throat and 1 runny nostril (which wasn’t so bad cos then at least I could breathe) but has now progressed to coughing fits mostly. So I guess I’m getting better, except the coughing is actually more annoying cos it interrupts my sleep. Doooooood!!! V. bad — you know how I feel about sleep! It’s one of my talents! My loves!

This morning one of my coughing fits woke me up at around 9AM. The coughs interrupted this crazy dream where I was picking up my mom and sister to go meet up for dinner. Somehow, there were three cars involved (I didn’t recognize them… my parents and sister share two cars and I don’t own one), and we were leaving two of them in a parking lot and driving together. My mom told me which car we were going to drive, but I kept on heading over to the wrong car, so she finally yelled at me, but I mean, three cars!!! So after we got that situation sorted out, and I finally opened the doors of the car, there was a cat in the backseat; no one recognized it and it wouldn’t move. CT finally moved to get the cat out of the car so we could get going, but the cat scratched her and bit her, and that finally shook me out of my stupor and chopsticks magically appeared in my hand. I used them to poke the cat far away enough so it wouldn’t get hurt when we drove away. I looked back at my sister and her hand was bleeding and I said, “Errr, we should get that cleaned,” but we were running late and so she said it was ok and we should get going. I told her that I had bandages in my purse. Then, I started to cough which woke me up. My first thought, even as I was coughing was, “I wonder if I have Neosporin in my purse… but wait, that won’t do any good if the cat had rabies…” Waking up at 9am is just too damn early:p Actually, I don’t remember the last time I was up so early during the weekend without prior plans… and it’s clear that I shouldn’t:D


  1. Are you harboring pent up malice towards me? :P
    Well I guess I’m happy that you dreamed about me. :)

  2. hahaha
    the cat was me… i plan on getting ct in her sleep next.

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