Saturday’s Wedding

So we were invited to a co-worker’s wedding on Saturday, but we didn’t make it to the actual ceremony cos of the staying up to play Civ deal:p Well it turned out well anyhows, cos we had fun at the reception and we might’ve been grumpy if we’d gone to both (that’s all day dude! Weddings. Sheesh).

So we rented a car (Ford Taurus this time, meant to check the trunk, but FORGOT, dammit!) and drove down (the) 680 to San Ramon — it was a nice drive. Then, we went to get a card cos we procratinated gift wise:D Then we went to see Corpse Bride which was good but not great. I dunno, I enjoyed it, but I didn’t feel deeply for it. Still though, definitely fun and worth watching — visually, it was really beautifully done and I like Danny Elfman and the music.

The movie ended right before the reception so our timing was perfect. (This is pretty unusual for me, so must be Yut’s influence:p) The reception was really nice, with some traditional Philipino stuff interspersed with the American stuff (speeches, dinner, dancing etc). After dinner, Yut and I separately noticed a girl playing with a Nintendo DS, so we went to the car to get mine, and then I went up to her and asked if she was playing with her Nintendogs, and she was! :) Then later, we both noticed another guy playing with a DS, only he was playing Advanced Wars, but he had Nintendogs in this Nintendo bag for carrying the games and the system (I’m guessing). So I’m like 3 for 3 in accosting people and asking about their Nintendogs:) Unfortunately, we all had the chihuahua version so no trading dog breeds. Also, at some point, my DS got taken over, I was like superfluous except to explain to the girls who didn’t have a DS how to walk my dog. Still though, it was super cute:)
playing with Nintendogs

Edited to fix a spelling mistake. How mortifying! :D


  1. Seek help, Nintendogs are evil. You gotta tide yourself over until the end of the month and Civ IV comes out. (but we all know that c4 is gonna be a big disappointment… MOO3 anyone?)

  2. ok now its just gone toooo far… nintendogs at a WEDDING RECEPTION! woman! u guys are crazy! if u guys bring those things to my wedding, u guys dont get to sit at the special family table! lol

  3. Sounds like ya’ll had fun.

  4. you’re hilarious, hehe. i have to train my dawg some more but i’m no good at it! plus ben’s been playing advance wars like a maniac.

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