Dinner at Chez Panisse

Yut took me to Chez Panisse for dinner tonight. It was most excellent! There’s one set menu every night, so we didn’t have to decide anything:) I also got the recommended wine pairings (by the glass) with dinner for the night. Technically, we were sharing the wine, but really, Yut was just tasting. We started off with a lillet for aperitif. I’ve had lillets before, sometimes good, sometimes not. This one was definitely on the good side:) V. easy to drink, Yut liked it, too. We also had olives, which were probably the best we’ve had. Admittedly, our olive experience is rather low because Yut doesn’t generally like olives, and I’ve only recently begun to. The next course was “Pork terrine with pickled Chino Ranch vegetables” and also with a small garden salad which had a few different vegetables, not sure what, but I know it had super good arugula, which is one of my fave vegetables:) After my first bite, I said, “Oh my gawd, if I could cook like this…” and Yut cut in with, “I woulda married you 5 years ago!” (Clearly, a romantic:p) The plate was all pristine whiteness when we were done. The next course was “Shellfish sausage with yellow tomato and lobster butter sauce” which really doesn’t sound v. impressive, but was delicious, and the waiter told us that the sausage had been made that afternoon. Also, “yellow tomato and lobster butter sauce” really doesn’t begin to describe how good the sauce was. It had pieces of lobster in it and was just amazing. We tried to mop up as much as possible with the bread. Oh the bread. Gawd, that was damn good bread. It must’ve been baked that day. We asked for more bread, cos it was soooo good. Next was “Grass-fed beef rib eye maître d’hôtel with straw potatoes and creamed spinach” which when we got seated, we saw being turned and roasted. If you’ve ever been to House of Prime Rib, you sort of know what this dish was like. The straw potatoes was different though, sort of like a hash brown just perfectly crisped. The creamed spinach had real spinach taste, and you could make out leaves, but so creamy good and honestly, I’m not doing this justice. The steak was good, perfectly medium rare the way we like it. There was just a little bit of spicy horseradish on it, fresh and yums. Dessert was “Chocolate hazelnut Paris-Brest” which looked like a bagel schmeared with hazelnut cream cheese drizzled with chocolate, although that wasn’t it at all. The bagel thing was like a slightly crisp shortcake thing, I dunno, that’s probably all wrong. Anyhows, we dubbed it the “Bagel of Deliciousness” (I was pretty buzzed by this point:p). We also had really good French-pressed Ethiopian coffee, not at all sharp or bitter. Anyhows, the meal was really good:) I would go again in a heartbeat, for sure! (I know, I know, I sound like Katie Holmes what with the “amazing” and whatnot. But at least I have a good reason:p)


  1. You’re both doing that again when I visit. Of all the restaurants you’ve talked about, this one sounds the best.

  2. no pictures?!… bah! hehehe did ya get my message?!?! =)

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