Dinner with misa and neb

Went to dinner with misa and neb on Saturday (rented a Chevrolet Cobalt 2 door, which we didn’t like as much as the 4 door:p) at Thea Mediterranean in Santana Row. Santana Row is like the swankiest outdoor mall type place I’ve ever seen.

Thea is a Mediterranean place (duh:p), with really good dips. I did sort of feel like their appetizers were better than their entrees, cos the entrees were more like stuff you could get at a lot of places, good but not special. Although I wonder how much of it is cos I got really full by the end:p I did like the lamb better than the whole fish though. This is the Sampler of dips and spreads which was quite delicious!
Spread and Dip Sampler

Afterwards we went to their place and played DDR. No photos, just embarassing. I SUXORS!!! I kept getting D and F grades — I never made it above D:p Oh well was fun:) But now my calves hurt. <shame>

Then we went to their new HOT TUB!!! Oooh yes! They’ve got this lovely garden out back now. Before, it was like a little gravelly rectangle, then they got someone to work on it, but now it’s gorgeous. I have a nice lopsided photo of one of the best parts:
hot tub
Hey it was dark:p


  1. duuuuuude my calves hurt too! and my stomach! (wtf?!) :D

    after you left neb & i were like… we shoulda gotten a cake! (ok to be fair neb is always talking about cake hehe)

  2. You are welcome to the hottub anytime.

  3. the hot tub looks like a turtle…

  4. Yeah, it does. I love that backyard, I covet it! It’s beautiful and if it were mine, that’s where you’d find me everyday when I was home.

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