Dream Booger

I had the weirdest, semi-groady dream today. That’s like a hint so’s you can stop reading and I don’t gross you out if this sort of thing grosses you out.

I was eating dinner, but for some reason I had these ginormous boogers up my nose — I think they mighta been sharp and impeding my breathing. But for some reason, I guess I just decided to surreptitiously(!) pick my nose at the dinner table. Somehow I was so smooooooth that NO ONE NOTICED! (Honestly, the things my dream self will just accept without question. Hmmph.) And I even looked at the booger afterwards. DURING DINNER!!! (Was big.) The rest of dinner (in my dream) I didn’t seem to pay much attention to dinner, I just kept an eye on the tissue or napkin or whatevers to make sure no one touched it. Completely unrealistic since no matter what I woulda paid attention to my food. Duh.

When I woke up today, my nose was a little stuffy:D

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  1. Thank you for sharing.

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