Halloween Candy

For Halloween, we like to buy ourselves a couple bags of candy even though there’s never any trick-or-treaters cos we live in one of those 5 unit apartment buildings that’s just not that inviting. But y’know, it’s Halloween, can’t pass up an excuse to buy candy. And we always buy candy we like:)

Anyhows, this year we got a bag of Snickers. (I like Snickers. I’d buy them with or without excuse, but nevermind that, that’s not the point.) I just ate one though and I swear these Fun Size ones are smaller than they used to be!!! Skinnier and shorter — what a combination.

I’m gonna have to go try another one, just to check.

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  1. I noticed the same thing. Did you like it better than the traditional shape? Did it taste different? Sweeter? More filling and less chocolate coating? Or vice versa? Same amount of peanuts?

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