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You mighta noticed I stuck an ad on my blog. Ironically, part of why I chose Blogger was the lack of ads — I don’t mind the little bar on top. But well, this last month, I spent more than I made! Not that that’s hard, but still! So yeah, I know I know, the amount I’m currently spending on like the domain (which I’m not doing anything with yet) and flickr is not v. much. I’m being all penny-wise, pound-stupid. But anyhows, it’s one step. Maybe this blog can be the hobby/interest/whatevers that doesn’t involve me freaking Yut out with my lack of budgeting clue/capabilities:p So thanks to everyone who click, no worries if you don’t.

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  1. Just now, your ad was for custom color M&Ms. I clicked on it to see the 20 colors and they have two shades of pink! Two shades! It’s like a Crayola of M&Ms. Still though, I think my favorite (traditional) color M&M is green. It’s because of that old 80’s commercial with the baseball theme that said the green was the homerun M&M. Now how can you resist a homerun?

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