Yut and I found the fireman’s hat a while back while walking our Nintendogs, which unlocks the dalmatians. So we got a dalmatian, which we named Spot (we have a theme going here, gotta stick with it:p). Last night I had this weird dream where misa and neb and Yut (coincidentally, the people I associate with Nintendogs) bought me a dalmatian (coincidentally like Spot). Only it was a puppy but really big. Someone was trying to fix something in our apartment (coincidentally, the landlord was by this weekend to fix a drain/pipe type thing) and the puppy kept getting in the way, so I had to play with him, but since he was all out of proportion with the rest of the world — puppy, and proportional with himself, but like Clifford the Big Red Dog — it was extra fun but extra messy. Especially when he pooped.

I mean, it was weird, but for once I know where this dream came from. Cos I played with Spot just before bed:p