I’ve been thinking that I need a paperback (or paperbacks:p) to take on the airplane next week when we (and it seems like every other person in the United States:p) descend on the airport. So when I walked past The Other Change of Hobbit today, I wandered in to see if I could pick something up. And guess who was there, too?! George R.R. Martin! He was signing books cos the new one in his Song of Fire and Ice series (A Feast for Crows) just came out. I don’t think he was scheduled at the Other Change, so maybe he just stopped by. But whatevers. So instead of buying one (or two?) paperback(s) like I thought, I bought the first three (which I’d already read, but been thinking about reading again because of this latest book), AND the latest book too. So four. But whatevers, I was so flabbergasted, everyone probably thought I was RETARDED. I didn’t say one intelligent thing. Not about how much I love Arya and Jon Snow, how much I cried through sections of the first book especially, etcetc. I just said, wow. <silence> He asked me if I like fantasy. I said something like oh yes… um, I’d like to buy the books. Or something equally (or more?) inane. Also, I might’ve done some creepy staring during the silence. GAWD — do I like fantasy… <sigh> Oh well. I’d been thinking about rereading the first three before reading the latest anyhows, so this worked out extra spectacular. I wish I’d been able to pick my brain off the floor so I could’ve tried to say something intelligent, but I guess he’s probably heard it all before. Was cool anyhows:)


  1. I hope you weren’t so utterly retarded as to forget to get him to sign those books you lucky butt you. Good job for going with your whim.

  2. I don’t know about Martin, read the first 2 books of that series, and it looked like just a rehashed War of the Roses, with characters flatter than a Robert Jordan character. If such things even exist

  3. hey what a coincidence! we were just lookin’ at his book at barnes and nobles! anyways, that’s just very bizarre that he shows up here, out of nowhere. good job mim! next time you might wanna try some more overtly stalking techniques…
    and about Martin, at least his characters die and don’t go on for 11 friggin’ books!

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