Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m visiting family this weekend — flew all the way across the country. Gawd, flying sucks in so many ways. But that’s a whole other story. At least I’m here, and not stuck at the airport or something:p For which I’m exceedingly grateful!

Visit’s been fun so far, but my sister still uses dial-up at home cos she’s not home enough to justify broadband (to her — obviously, broadband would be much more easily justified to me:p). Only there’s something wrong with the phone lines around here cos IT ONLY EVER CONNECTS AT 28Kbps type speeds. <sigh>

It’s not like I’d be hanging out with the computer a lot anyhows, but seriously, trying to do stuff with her connection, even like updates and virus definitions is torturous. Good thing she doesn’t spend time online much:p

By the way, I complain about this everytime I visit so this is not the last you’ll hear of this!!! :) Actually this is probably already not the first I’ve talked about the modem sitch:p


  1. Haha, I remember when 2048 baud was considered fast… after the old 300 baud modems of the 80s… Getting old, am I!

  2. wait wait wait! you have to come touch my computer too!! =P

  3. I think it’s sad that the connection there is terrible. I hope they do something about that since it’s a big waste of time when you’re trying to enjoy blogging. Anyway, happy thanksgiving!

  4. yeah, I vaguely remember thinking 2400 or whatever was pretty awesome! And 9600! I don’t think I had a good impression of 4800. Dunno why. Maybe cos I didn’t have a modem to take advantage of it. But in this day and age, with a 56k modem, you’d expect better than 26.4 or 28.6 or whatever.

    I don’t think cable is available in her area and since her phone lines seem to be sucky, I wonder if DSL would be any good. Oh well, doesn’t matter now! :)

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