Ugly Foot

When my feet start getting super dry and ugly, I know it’s time to stop wearing flip flops and start wearing socks. Alas.

It didn’t used to be like this. Either I used to be more resilient or I cared less. Or both. By the way, this is not the worst it’s been. I’ve been wearing socks for a month now or something. It’s been rainy lately, so that makes it easier at least.

Wow I just realized that the foot is tremendously big and ugly and gross. Teehee


  1. My foot is beyond compare when it comes to ugliness… let’s just say caluses, crackings, and dryness only begin to describe it… and the less thought devoted to it the better!

  2. hehe.. The only thing i do is put on this lotion before bed ‘cos otherwise my feet are so dry they actually bother me with the sensation of feeling dried out a lot. I can’t be sure but I think it helps if I use it consistently.

  3. For a fairly quick fix, slather on vaseline and wear socks over that. Your feet will be good n’ soft. Nightly lotion is good too but I only put lotion on when I remember and when it’s convenient and when I feel like it, etc.

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