A Few (Belated) Notes From Thanksgiving

I know it’s a bit late but I felt I had to mention this: besides eating a great deal and fixing/updating computers, we also played poker with the cousins. I won:D
Poker Winnings

Everytime we play, Mike spends a lot of time shaking his head cos “You bet what with those cards?!” I like to think it makes me unpredictable:D Kay was supposed to do math homework but we ran out of time cos I guess we decided to play first work later. And also, she had a lot of plans and a job! Oh and we also played Monopoly. This time, Jimyo was barely willing to trade with anyone at all because last time we played a few years ago, we kept trading properties for immunity, and at the end, he lost, poor kid.

We also went to the light show at Brookside Gardens. They put up a lot of lights throughout the park. A nice brisk walk, and v. pretty, but v. cold.
Frog in Fountain

And then we were gone. Short trip.
Dulles as we're leaving


  1. teeheehe. i love how u always have an airport pic=P

  2. My least favorite pictures are the airport ones. I delete them all!

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