misa and Yan gave me a gift certificate for an Oxygen Facial from Novella Spa and Imports for my birthday a while back, and this Sunday, misa and I went to go try it out. It was v. nice and relaxing. A lot of super hot towels and stones and cooling exfoliating stuff and vitamin oils. Oh and a foot massage, too. Yum:) They had us fill out a questionnaire about our skincare routines and what-have-yous and we were both like… uh… what routine? Also, I was asked how often and when was the last time… well it was my first time. I think I was a disappointment:D The spa person said that she didn’t do it as often as she should herself. Should! Geeeeeez. Still though, definitely something I’d do again, although probably not as often as I should:p

Afterwards we had dinner together at Betelnut, an Asian fusion type restaurant. Usually Yut and I both don’t love Asian fusion because the menu will inevitably have a dim sum sized portion of bok choy for like $15 or something, when I know I can go out any day and get it for way less and just as good. Betelnut was great though, easily the best Asian fusion place I’ve ever been to. Food was great, place was nice, drinks were yummy, what more need I say? Oh the bathroom was just regular. Not disgusting, but not really nice either. (Ame had a much nicer bathroom, for example.) There were no actual betelnuts though, I don’t think. Just as well, chewing them is like chewing tobacco, you gotta spit somewhere, only your spit is red and anyhows, the whole thing is groady (in my opinion — obviously, loads of people disagree). Not that I’ve tried it, so I oughtn’t judge, but the spitting part is gross. None of which has anything to do with the restaurant, but seriously, I don’t think “betelnut” conjured up the imagery for me that it was supposed to conjure up:) The food spoke for itself anyhows, yums:)


  1. Hey, at least we wash our face in the morning and at night.

  2. that’s a betelnut? i’d never heard of a betelnut before (i’m ignorant) which is why i couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant :D

  3. whats an asian fusion restaurant?…

  4. More on the betelnut:
    Betelnut chewing in New Guinea

    I dunno how to describe Asian Fusion. I think of it as like American cuisine with Asian influences. Or Asian cuisine with American influences. Both. If someone has a better grasp of this, please help:p

  5. Asian fusion is $15 steamed bok choi with soy sauce. $30 for steamed bok choi with soy sauce and black truffles!

  6. Yeah, all fusion cuisines are like that. There’s Asian-Italian fusion and all sorts of other fusion foods. You get half-assed ethnic foods for twice the price. It’s great!

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