I feel like I’ve blown the contents of my brain out my nose.

I dunno why I’ve been sick so much this year, but it’s getting tiring! I mean, my nose is so red and sore and dry. And I’ve had some nose bleeds. And I’m too tired to do much more in my Animal Crossing town than to get outta bed, water my red turnips, and check the stalk market. Honestly, my letters and presents have slowed to a trickle. ‘Cept from Mom. Mom sent me a pear.

We went to buy me some more socks so we can go longer without doing laundry. (Well really, it’s cos some of my socks have gotten threadbare and holey so I had to throw ’em away, but it sounds worse, more me, the other way:p) I handed the money to the salesman with one hand, but my ever present crumpled tissue dropped out of my other hand. He looked kind of grossed out. Ooooopsies! I woulda been grossed out too. I’m sorry, anonymous sales guy!


  1. omgoodness~ i’ve gotten sick so many times this year too! like really! im not even counting the excuses i use to skip skool. lol im in skool more when im sick than when im not=P buh seriously… i’ve lost count of how many timmes i’ve gotten sick this skool year. tis crazyyyy

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