Jio Jio and The Other One

Yut and I went to play with the little nephew Ryan today (well yesterday, but I haven’t been to bed). He’s shy when he first sees you, but once he gets comfortable, he’s a funny, vocal, active guy. When he first saw us this trip, his mother said, “Who’s that? Who’s that Ryan?” and pointed to encourage him to say it. He finally answered that Yut was jio jio (uncle), but when they pointed at me and tried to get him to say jio ma (aunt), he said, “the other one.” Teehee:)

He’s had a cold though, so he’s been v. calm and just not his normal hyperactive self. Today, he was feeling better, and boy could you tell!!! It was “jio jio, look at this! jio ma come here!” He showed us his scooter skills, and his running skills, and his jumping skills, and … just for example, Yut chased him around the block cos he insisted on going to check if Tosca, the neighbor’s border collie was out to play. But he has to run. Anyhows, that kid is soooo cute. But still coughing. And now I’m sniffly. Aaaarrrrgggghhh. I think I caught his cold.


  1. Too cute! How old is he now?

  2. teeheehee awww=)
    so when are you guys poppin em out??? =P

  3. ewww gawd, please.
    That’s not the sort of imagery I’d like to have. “poppin em out”

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