I’m sitting at my desk and just now a co-worker stopped by to chat about how crazy Lost is:) And about what the heck is going on?! And about what’s with the horse and the numbers (feels Sisyphean to me) and Sawyer and Wayne and wha??? I also do this with some of my other co-workers too. There are a lot of theories. We’re all a little worried that the writers have no idea what they’re doing and some day the show will jump the shark and the series finale will leave us hanging. But still, it’s fun to watch:) Every week at the end of the show I yell, “NOOOOOOOOO!!! You can’t do this to me!!!” at the TV. Or some variation. I know it’s coming, but still:p I didn’t start with episode one so maybe some day I’ll have to watch the DVD of season one. Oh well, makes Wednesday interesting, less bleh.


  1. What’s with the animals in general? A polar bear on a tropical island?! It’s all very Alice in Wonderland.

  2. that show is sooo addicting! i actually just finished watching all of season 1 (Al has the DVD) and both Al and i decided not to watch season 2 until the dvd comes out…

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