Saturday Night.

Last night we went out to dinner in the city. We went way early so that we could go look for Animal Crossing, since I’d been thwarted on Thursday. They were sold out at CompUSA but the Virgin Megastore had it. They didn’t have it on the shelves, but the nice employees went and found me a copy. We also passed by the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Market near the Powell St. BART Station which I think is new to us cos we didn’t know there was one there. Ever since Julie took us and recommended the Tea Latte, I’ve wanted another one:p They have a seasonal Winter Dream Tea Latte right now which is quite delicious.

Dinner was at Ame with Lingo, Annie, Cliff, and Jaynry. Food was quite good. I liked all the sushi/sashimi appetizers that we tried, especially the ceviche and the staff salad thing with the quail egg and the uni. Yut got a braised beef cheek and sweetbread dish, which I thought was delicious. I got eel (unagi style, I think?) and foie gras on risotto. I liked it ok, but I would say that I like the risotto at Downtown better. For dessert I got a Pear Crisp with Gingersnap ice cream, v. warm and yummy:) Was lots of fun.

Kitty called during dinner, so we called her back after. She was SHOCKED that we’d made it out. To the city no less. HA:p

We were gonna go and try to catch a movie after dinner, but there weren’t any good movies/showtimes left (we had to make it back on BART before midnight or so). So we went back to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and had another tea latte and did some sudokus which are semi-addictive. Actually both the tea lattes and the sudokus are semi-addictive. I wish someone would open a Coffee Bean franchise in Berkeley:p

Today I woke up and played with Animal Crossing first thing:) Good thing we found it at the Virgin. I don’t know where else we could’ve gone if it didn’t:p

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already, I need more time!


  1. OH MY GOD! You’re telling me that there is now a Coffee Bean downtown?? I was in Vegas this weekend and they had them EVERYWHERE!! They have more Coffee Beans than Starbucks which was great… unfortunately, I only had it twice… but now that I know there is one downtown, I will HAVE to go!! MMMMM… English Breakfast Tea Lattes sound soooo delish right now!

  2. Ah ha! So it is new! :)
    I knew we hadn’t seen that Coffee Bean before, but they coulda opened it up like a year ago and it woulda been “new” to us. Anyhows yeah, it was delish:)

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