Bleeding but Sassy

Have you seen the new(-ish) tampon line, dittie?

Yeah, the whole gimmick is that tampons that come packaged in pink wrappers with “sassy messages” printed on them will make “your period more fun!” Yeah, really, that’s what it says on the website.

Some of the messages are chuckleworthy, like, “Wanna know Victoria’s Secret? It’s called airbrushing” but some of them barely make sense, like, “Don’t just be the life of the party – be the party of life” which is really bad chiasmus.

I don’t see why some old school dot matrix style printed messages on the tampon wrapper would really make me feel like I NEED THESE TAMPONS! Well I mean, any more than I already feel like I need tampons in general. I mean, one is much like another. ‘Cept when I bought these, they were on sale, which is a marketing gimmick that I really like:)

By the way, I had this random thought today: I wonder if diapers and maxi pads are made of the same thing. Cos I mean, the commercials for them are suspiciously similar. There’s always a little cup of blue water that gets poured, then one leaks and one doesn’t. Although, come to think of it, paper towel ads are like that too.


  1. oh groan – just what the world needs – christmas cracker jokes on our tampons…

  2. LOL. playtex all the wayyy~ =)

  3. Exactly:p

    Also, I actually don’t care about tampon brands; they’re all v. similar to me… or am I just unenlightened?

  4. I always find the plastic applicators to be more user-friendly, albiet they are also environmentally unfriendly

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