Well, so I broke my cell phone like a week and a half ago. It was a Motorola something or other. I’ll update with the model if I can find the information. It was a sucky sucky phone which I wouldn’t recommend for anyone. But it’s also old which means that probably not too many people are even considering it.
Motorola something or other

Which I wouldn’t have thought was a big deal, except I’m pretty used to having one and I use it at work so it turned out to be pretty damn inconvenient.

Today, I finally finally picked up my new phone. It’s a Samsung SGH-D600E.
Samsung SGH-D600E

Ain’t it cute? :)

Update 26 Jan: I finally looked up what the old phone is. It’s a Motorola T730. Did I mention my underwhelment with this phone? Well I was completely underwhelmed:p