Easily Persuaded

My doctor told me I needed more fiber the last time I talked to her. You can generally at least sort of imagine for what, I don’t think I need to get into it. She particularly recommended dried fruit cos there’s more fiber per ounce than with regular fruit and it’s easy to persuade people to eat dried fruit. Anyhows, today, we went to Berkeley Bowl to buy fruit and a couple other things cos you know, what with two big visiting-family trips back to back, our fridge is pretty empty (although the freezer is still half full, thanks mum:)!). With my doctor’s advice in mind, we stopped by the bulk section to pick out some fruit:
dried fruit
There’s two kinds of dried apricot (one identified as being from California, one from USA; one with color preservative, one without), dried pears (which I didn’t even know existed), and dried plums (which are different from prunes, who knew). Clearly I’m not edumacated about dried fruit.

The problem is, I put some in front of me, and even though I’m not hungry, they’re in front of me, and I find myself absent-mindedly reaching over to eat. Well, I mean, it’s ok, right? The doctor said I should eat this stuff. It’s good for me! Aaaarrrrggghhhh. The other bags are on a bookshelf, and now I’ve closed up this bag of apricots, and I’ve pushed them back further away from me, and I’m going to stop now, yes.


  1. I like raisins (mixed with peanuts) and craisins too. I know about the stopping part though, once you get started, it’s hard not to finish the whole bag or feel sick from overdoing it. Veggies are good too… dried fruits contain lotsa sugar.

  2. And if that doesn’t work, Metamucil (or a cheap knock-off brand) is a good substitute! I know from experience….

  3. ben loooves his dried mangoes. they are pretty good but it’s hard for me to get much since he consumes them before i remember we got them.

  4. I don’t see how dried fruit can have a lot of sugar. The ones I got are pretty lightly sweet sometimes and sometimes sour.

    Also, I dunno why, but them Metamucil ads are a complete turnoff. Honestly, I’d be more likely to try metamucil if it weren’t for the ads. Weird powdery shit in my water?! Associated with old people? No thanks!!!

    And we have dried mangoes! I forgot about them.

    And LASTLY! Every night for 2 nights now, I’ve absentmindedly munched on dried apricots til I have a stomachache and then I remember to stop. Am genius, clearly:p

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