First Whine of the Year

Today, I am back at work. I soooo wish it was a day off. I mean, loads of people have the day off today — it was hard to find a place that was open for lunch. Seriously, if the food places aren’t open for business, we oughtn’t be either:p Although to be fair, we got 4 days off last week. But still.

Also, it is raining so hard. I feel like I’m having to step over little mini-rivers in the road. My pants are wet from walking around. And my umbrella’s broken — it won’t latch. And the wind’s blowing hard enough to have flipped my umbrella once already.

That’s it for now, but I’m sure I’ll have more whine later:p


  1. geez what happened to all the nice weather im always hearing about??

  2. It rained pretty steadily here yesterday too. I can’t believe you guys didn’t get Monday off! Everyone was off. I want to have some whine too. I sang too much yesterday while playing Freecell, Hearts, and Sims2 and now I am hoarse.

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