Well okay, so I was gonna try and play with it more, but eh, how do I decide when I’m “done?” Plus I don’t know how to do anything so I’m slow. Really slooooow. So I think I’ll just start posting new entries over at and leave this up as archives. Maybe if the server goes down or something, I’ll post up here:) But it oughtn’t.

I decided to host with A Small Orange cos I liked the name and the logo (it’s an orange:p). I also decided to install typo cos I liked the live search function and I liked the general look of it. But now that it’s running, I feel like it’s slow. I dunno why. Maybe I did something wrong when I installed it, I dunno. It’s entirely possible cos I basically didn’t know what I was doing:p If you have suggestions about this (or anything else) please please email me!!!

But yeah, change your bookmarks/feed readers over please! And thanks for reading:)
nothing edifying

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  1. … and i still have no clue what u’re talking about. use simple english for kitty!! ^.^ hehehehe.

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