When I first looked at glasses late last year, I really wanted this rimless hingeless pair from Silhouette which were super light and cute in a pinkish color (I think model 7473 if you are curious), but they were backordered, so I canceled the order and added money to my Healthcare Reimbursement Account (or Flexible Spending Account some places call it?). But when I went back, I was working with another optician who basically said with my prescription he didn’t think rimless was a good idea at all — I’m -6.25 in one eye and -6.75 in the other. The first optician had said it was okay, but wasn’t very enthusiastic either. So alas, I had to give up that idea.

Anyhows, so I went around and tried on a bunch of glasses. And finally I tried this pair from ProDesign on and they were different! And not boring. So that’s that:) I finally picked ’em up last week. (I included the case in the picture cos dude, it’s a cool case! It opens on both sides like a cryogenic chamber or something. I’m easily impressed:p)
glasses side

I did realize afterwards though, the colors are eerily similar to the office chairs at work:D
office chairs