So I did drop my Native American history class. I mean, I’m pretty woefully ignorant about both, but the religion class seems sort of especially important in this day and age. Although I am possibly showing my biases.

But one thing that I didn’t consider when I first signed up for class is TV. Doood, Thursday there isn’t too much TV so it’s prefectly fine. But Wednesday? Wednesday is HORRIFICally full of TV. There’s American Idol (good schadenfreude fun, especially right now during the winnowing process), Lost (really good stuff! And I like to watch it live, somehow it’s better than saving it for later), and now, I’ve added Project Runway to the line up. Damn Martin Luther King Day and Bravo and all day Project Runway marathon!!!

It’s a really good show, actually:) It’s basically a bunch of designers, and they’re given weekly projects and they have to finish the garments by a certain time and then they’re judged. I learned that that weird sewing machine with the weird needle is an overlock machine! And evidently, it’s really good for stretch fabrics. But it’s not really the point of the show to teach about clothes making. That was just me from a lifetime around my mum’s talent with the needle and me with ten thumbs. But I digress! The show is more about catty designers and other fun stuff:) And at the end Heidi Klum says, “auf wiedersehen” to the contestant who’s out and you’d think I would hate her, I mean she was pregnant when this season got filmed but it looks like she put NO WEIGHT except her baby’s weight. It’s disgusting. But eh, I don’t hate her, somehow. I hate the fact that she can be that pregnant and look like that, but still, the show is good fun, and she’s got a cute accent:)